Natalie Portman's Nude Scene Regrets: "I Don't Like The Misappropriation"

MTV: There's been a lot of talk recently about the nudity you did in the Wes Anderson short "Hotel Chevalier" and "Goya's Ghosts." Some quotes attributed to you made it sound like you regret doing the nudity.

Portman: Yeah. It was really silly.

MTV: What do you take away from that situation?

Portman: That I shouldn't open my mouth.

MTV: So to clarify, you regretted the nudity in "Goya's Ghosts"?

Portman: I don't really have regrets. It's more that I don't like misappropriation of stuff, like when you create something as part of a story and then a piece of it ends up on a porn site. It's meant to be a dramatic scene and part of a story. That really makes me angry. It's inevitable and I should know what happens but ...

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