Natalie Wise Says Her Apartment Is So Moldy Mushrooms Are Growing On Her Floor (VIDEO)

Mushrooms are great on pizzas and when you want to trip out at Animal Collective concerts, but not when they're growing on your apartment floor.

That's the problem facing Sacramento resident Natalie Wise, who says her apartment is so moldy that the 'shrooms are starting to grow right behind the TV set, according to KTXL-TV.

The problem started 18 months ago, when water started leaking onto the carpet of her downstairs apartment.

Wise estimates that her apartment has been flooded six times in the two years she has lived there with her 11-year-old severely asthmatic son, and the problem has led to fungi growing indoors.

“I looked down to vacuum and I saw this (fungus growing in the carpet),” Wise told KTXL-TV. “At first, I thought [my son] had peeled an orange, and I got down closer and I realized it was a mushroom.”

Apartment managers have steamed, cleaned and even changed her carpet several times over the past year in an attempt to combat the issue, but to no avail: The mold is still there, mushrooms are growing on the carpet and her son is becoming sick.

"My son had to stay home from school today," Wise told KXTV-TV. "We have been in contact with his doctor by email but we are not sure how to figure out what is wrong."

Although Wise claims she has tried to report the flooding problem, she claimed the resident manager treated her with "contempt," according to Fox News. The company that manages the apartment had no one able to comment.

Mold is at best, annoying, and, at worst, toxic, but some people consider it a blessing. Chyenna Richards of Houston claimed that she could see the image of Jesus in her shower mold.



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