Natalie Wood Death: An Alleged Affair With Christopher Walken Is Revealed

It looks like there may be motive after all, according to the National Enquirer.

Interior designer Robin Butillo spoke exclusively to The Enquirer, stating that Natalie Wood's co-star Christopher Walken (who was on the boat the night of her disappearance) admitted to having had an affair with the actress in a distraught, confessional phone call only hours after her death was confirmed.

"In the phone call, it was clear that [Walken] was devastated by the tragedy. He was upset and confessed that a 'sex secret' had occurred, leading up to Natalie's death," states Butillo.

The specific details of the alleged sexual affair between Wood and Walken are being witheld from publication by The Enquirer.

After the reported "sex secret" was revealed that night, a fight between Wagner and Walken changed the course of Hollywood history that night.

In his 2008 memoir, Pieces of My Heart Wagner explains the argument was driven by Walken's perspective on Natalie's career. He describes the events leading up to her disappearance: "The last time I saw my wife she was fixing her hair at a little vanity in the bathroom while I was arguing with Chris Walken."

But Captain Dennis Davern's recollection of the evening paints a different picture. The Captain told TMZ that Robert Wagner shouted "Do you want to f*** my wife" at Walken, who was sitting next to Wood on the couch, moments before her disappearance.



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