Natasha Frost, Minnesota Bride, Passes Bouquet To Gay Sister In Gesture For Marriage Equality (VIDEO)

Sometimes the little gestures speak volumes.

Such was the case in Minnesota this week, when newlyweds Natasha Frost and Tony Friesen took a wedding tradition and turned it into a poignant, yet simple, gesture for marriage equality.

"Traditionally brides toss the bouquet," Frost says in the video before turning to Nitara's family.

“What I wanted to do was give them the bouquet in the hopes that Minnesota lawmakers will actually recognize the right for everyone to marry in Minnesota. Were hoping that happens this year, so we can celebrate the final sister's wedding," she says.

"[Nitara and Tabatha are] committed to each other in the families eyes and is waiting for the time they can be legally married," Frost wrote in the YouTube video's description. "The bills are SF925 and HF1054 please contact your MN legislators and share so others do as well. Do not limit the freedom to marry. Thank you."

Minnesota lawmakers are mixed on the issue of gay marriage. In February, state Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen (R-Glencoe) said that being gay is an "unhealthy sexual addiction," but many of his colleagues have voiced support for a same-sex marriage bill, according to the Star Tribune.