Natasha Richardson Dies at 45 -- and People Magazine Is There Immediately (with 3D Glasses!)

As most of you know by now, Natasha Richardson died yesterday after a skiing accident. Obvious sympathies go out to husband Liam Neeson, their two sons, and surviving friends and family. What astonished me yesterday was the sheer speed in People magazine already having a cover story out on the same day as her death, trumpeting an inside look at 'her tragic accident' (the photo is from Jeff Wells at Hollywood Elsewhere). I haven't read the article because I frankly don't care. It's not really my business, and I usually don't comment on stuff like this. But what is worthy of commentary is the tasteless banner headline 'with 3D photo glasses inside'. I have no idea what those glasses are actually for (a Monsters Vs. Aliens ad?), but the combination of the two headlines is both tactless and (unintentionally?) creepy, with the magazine implying that this issue has 3D photos of the skiing accident and/or a family grieving. I don't have any grand thesis here, it just gave me uncomfortable pause.