'Insecure' Producer Natasha Rothwell Signs Overall Deal With HBO

"Dear 2019, I'm coming for you," the producer wrote.

Natasha Rothwell, a producer for HBO’s “Insecure,” has now signed an overall deal with the premium cable TV channel, Deadline reported. 

It was previously announced that Rothwell, who stars in “Insecure” as Kelli, would be developing a project for HBO that she would executive produce, write and star in. 

The writer-comedian responded to reports of her overall deal with HBO on Twitter on Tuesday. 

“Dear 2019, I’m coming for you,” she wrote in a tweet response to Deadline’s article. “Love, Natasha.”

The former Saturday Night Live writer told The Baltimore Sun earlier this year that her upbringing playing games with her siblings taught her “the power of comedy.”

“That’s sort of when I realized the power of comedy and how much it felt good to sort of be the catalyst of someone’s joy,” she said. 

Rothwell has also joined the cast for Patty Jenkins’ upcoming film “Wonder Woman 1984.” She was recently seen in “Love, Simon,” a film directed by Greg Berlanti and based on Becky Albertalli’s popular young adult novel Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda.

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