Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent Design Colorists Rita Hazan's Home For The Couple's First Collaboration (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS:Is What A Nate & Jeremiah Collab Looks Like

The only thing better than having Nate Berkus design your home is having Nate Berkus and his fiancé Jeremiah Brent design your home. So, we're officially jealous of celeb hair colorist Rita Hazan who was lucky enough to have the fabulous duo turn her space from sparse to fierce.

In the new issue of Domino magazine, Hazan shows off her 2,500-square-foot New York City apartment, which is completely black, white and neutral. This color scheme is something she absolutely loved but didn't really know how to implement. Enter Berkus and Brent, who had never collaborated before, and quickly the space came alive with Art Deco accessories, sleek walls and modern furniture. The home gets the warmth it needs from vintage accents, a lot of texture and the incredible light that shines through the windows.

Now, not only do the stylish couple have a gorgeous new interior to add to their resumes, they also will have to start working together a lot more because it would just be wrong not to, right?

Scroll through the photos below to see the space, and be sure to head over to Domino magazine for more information.

Rita Hazan's Home

Rita Hazan's Home

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