Nate Berkus Reveals The 7 Things That Belong On Your Nightstand

The 7 Things That Belong On Every Nightstand

For many of us, bedside tables are all about function -- a place to put a lamp, rest your glasses, store a book, keep some medicine, toss an eye mask, charge your cell phone, stack some magazines... Before you know it, that once-bare nightstand has become a cluttered catch-all for everything even remotely related to bedtime.

If this phenomenon sounds a little too familiar, you're not alone. Designer Nate Berkus says it's actually one of the more common bedroom design missteps.

"The big mistake that people always make is they put too much junk on their bedside table," he says. "You don't need to have all of that stuff there. Your bedside table should be beautiful and functional."

Nate's way to achieve that ideal balance is to allow seven essential items to be on your bedside table -- and no more. Here's what he recommends keeping:

  1. A good-looking alarm clock
  2. A small basket or box to hide things like lip balm or remotes
  3. A good book
  4. Water
  5. Your favorite framed photo
  6. Fresh flowers or a plant
  7. A little dish for important items like wedding rings

Everything else? Nix it, according to Nate.

"This is all you need to keep your bedside table looking its best," he says.

When it comes to bedroom design, don't stop there. Here are Nate's foolproof tips for creating a truly beautiful bed.

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