Nate Silver To Colbert On Election: 'It's Not A Coin Toss ... The Race Has Broken Toward President Obama' (VIDEO)

Nate Silver: 'The Race Has Broken Toward President Obama'

New York Times poll guru Nate Silver appeared on "The Colbert Report" the day before the 2012 election to talk about the state of the race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, and to address the recent controversies surrounding his work.

Silver has found himself at the center of a strange kind of storm after a series of articles said that his reputation was riding on an Obama victory on Tuesday night. Silver's statistical model currently gives Obama a staggering 90.9 percent chance of victory, something pundits have scoffed at. He has responded by harshly denigrating the very same pundits.

"Are you trying to put the pundits out of work?" Colbert asked. "Because CNN doesn't need more help."

"I'm not very pro-pundit," he said. "If pundits were on the ballot against ... ebola, I might vote ebola, or third party."

He added that his model was "not really that complicated, but people treat it like it's Galileo or something really heretical."

Silver also addressed the state of the race, which many pundits are dubbing "too close to call."

"There were 23 state polls the other day and Obama was ahead in 22 of them," he said. "It's not a coin toss ... the race has broken toward President Obama."

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