Joe Scarborough Faces Nate Silver On 'Morning Joe' After Election Bet (VIDEO)

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Joe Scarborough and Nate Silver finally faced each other on Tuesday's "Morning Joe," two weeks after Scarborough lost their election bet.

Silver drew a fair amount of scorn from Scarborough and other pundits who doubted his polling predictions for the election. The New York Times blogger was so confident in his forecast, however, that he bet Scarborough $2000 to be donated to the Red Cross. Silver, of course, came out on top.

There were no fireworks between the two when Silver finally appeared on "Morning Joe" on Tuesday. Scarborough briefly addressed his lost bet, saying that a donation was made to Hurricane Sandy relief in Silver's name, before getting into the nitty gritty of Silver's work.

"Let's talk about the best polls, first of all, and secondly, talk about why some of these automated polls... actually turned in great results," Scarborough said.

Silver explained why some pollsters got it wrong. Later, he weighed in on criticism of "horse race coverage" in politics.

When asked to respond to those who say that the focus should be on "underlying issues" instead, Silver said, "I'm more interested in diagnosing 2016 than Benghazi. That's where my bread is buttered... But if you're going to do a horse race, then do it the right way."



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