Nate Silver Slams Vox For Aggregating Bill Cosby Story

While standard Internet practice, the method still tends to ruffle feathers.

The feud between stats guru Nate Silver and continues.

That didn't sit well with FiveThirtyEight's Silver, who called out Vox for linking to its own post on Twitter rather than the original at New York:

While aggregation has become standard Internet practice -- as long as you give credit, excerpting is fair -- it nonetheless tends to ruffle feathers when outlets that didn't put in hours of reporting publish a quick hit linking to the original source in the hope of shaving off a few clicks.

It's a sore spot for Silver, who earlier this year accused Vox of aggregating charts from FiveThirtyEight without credit.

In fairness, it wasn't just Silver calling foul on Vox:

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