538's Nate Silver To Vox: Quit Jacking Our Charts

Numbers guru Nate Silver accused news site of repurposing its maps without attribution on Twitter Monday, saying only “about 20%” of the maps the outlet tweets out are original.

Silver similarly accused Vox of lifting charts without crediting the authors:

Vox editor-in-chief Ezra Klein and content director Max Fisher did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

UPDATE: Klein has responded to Silver in a post at Vox, saying that "[o]ur policy, to our staff, is simple: any time we use work created by someone else, we need clear attribution to the original author and a link back to the source."

Klein singles out one of the posts that upset Silver, writing that while the post was clearly attributed to 538, it did not include a link. "This was carelessness, not malice, but it's a violation of Vox's internal standards," Klein writes. "Our policy requires attribution, and any time we fail that policy is inexcusable. It's a betrayal of what makes the web positive-sum. Silver's right to be upset by it. He has my apologies."