Nathan Chen Performs An Encore At Winter Olympics And It's Flippin' Fantastic

The gold medalist figure skater squeezed in one last remarkable feat in Beijing.

U.S. figure skater Nathan Chen has already completed his redemption story with a gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics and on Sunday it was time for an encore performance at the gala exhibition.

Chen again rose to the moment, executing a perfect backflip on ice.

Now that’s a finale.

Chen struggled at the 2018 Winter Olympics and returned four years later to dominate in Beijing.

He might even get another gold if the U.S.’s silver medal in the figure skating team event gets elevated. Russian skater Kamila Valieva, who led her team to first place, may be sanctioned after testing positive for a banned drug.

Some Chen fans may have noticed that he’s done the flip before. But it’s always welcome.

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