Nathan Teklemariam, Carson Rinehart Butt-Dial 911 While Breaking Into Car: Cops

Two alleged thieves might have gotten away with a stolen car, BUTT one of their cellphones helped cops CRACK the case.

Nathan Teklemariam and Carson Rinehart, both 20, were allegedly just about to break into a car when a cell phone in one of their pockets called an emergency line.

The dispatcher asked, "What is your emergency," and received no response, but she could hear other voices on the lines. The operator listened for about a half an hour, and heard two male voices talking about finding drugs, then discussing breaking into a car, according to Fox 25.

On the recorded call, one voice can be heard saying "Get the bolt and give me the hammer just in case," followed by the sound of glass smashing.

Cops say they pulled the men over and found items in their vehicle that had been stolen from the burglarized car.

The dispatcher remained on the line until Teklemariam and Rinehart were arrested. When officers told the men how they had been caught, one of the suspects allegedly stated, "This phone really called 911? Damn."

Teklemariam and Rinehart were charged with breaking and entering, possession of stolen property and conspiracy.