National Bean Day: Why It's Jan. 6

National Bean Day: Why It's Jan. 6

National Bean Day is today and many find themselves asking just why the obscure holiday is Jan 6th.

While there's little to solidify an answer, some believe it commemorates the death of renown geneticist, Gregor Mendel, who famously used bean and pea plants to test his theories on inheritance. Mendel died on this day in 1884, according to

Many of Mendel's theories formed the basis of modern genetics.

Celebrating the unofficial holiday is easy: simply eat beans, in all shapes and sizes if possible.

Westword Denver provides a complete daily meal plan for celebrating the holiday, especially if you're a bean fanatic. Eating beans for every meal is the main premise of the holiday, though simply partaking in the festivities with a little split-pea soup should do the trick.

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