9 Great Moments In Beer Drinking

Beer is one of the world's greatest inventions. Not only is it good for your hair, your skin and your heart, it's also (surprise!) really good to drink -- responsibly, of course.

Whether you drink it out of a Solo cup or an iced beer stein, pretty much everyone has at least a few hazy moments of their greatest beer memory. For some, that's conquering a case race in college. For others, it's that time they finally discovered something better than PBR.

So in honor of National Beer Day, we've rounded up 11 of the greatest moments in beer drinking, from personal triumphs to magical movie moments. So put on your beer goggles and scroll down to see what made the list:

1. When the US defeated Germany in Beerfest and drinking out of "Das Boot" became a thing.

2. When you realized Obama drinks Guinness, too.
obama drinking beer

3. When Toby Keith sang "Red Solo Cup," the greatest/worst song ever written.

4. When you first mastered a keg stand or shotgunning attempt.
shotgunning a beer

5. When you realized Solo cups were better than mugs.
solo cup

6. When Little Nicky said this inappropriate gem...

7. When Will Ferrell showed the world how to do a beer funnel.

8. When you realized beer goggles were a very real thing.
beer goggles

9. When this guy had the greatest kiss cam moment ever.

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Drinking warm beer in a basement.
Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)/Flickr
First we drank in secret. We drank in basements, hidden from our parents, downing whatever we could get our hands on -- no matter how warm it was. And it was great.
Drinking out of Solo cups... probably still in a basement.
Solo, with others/Flickr
Whether it was a high school or college party, you were definitely drinking beer out of a Solo cup. Maybe you chugged as quickly as you could in a game of flip cup, maybe you fished ping pong balls out of your cup before chugging... However you were imbibing, it was definitely out of a Solo cup.
Thinking the beer funnel is the best invention of all time.
sjharmon via Getty Images
And then quickly realizing the error of your ways and staying as far away from the things as possible.
Drinking so much beer you swore never to drink again.
Sharon Dominick via Getty Images
Until the next night.
Ordering beers on tap at the bar legally for the first time.
taketan via Getty Images
Any beer drinker would be nostalgic for the early days of bar-going. Those first few times you could order without fear of handing over a sub-par ID were beyond liberating. Were you legally allowed to be at the bar, consuming whatever beer you wanted at your leisure? HELL YEAH you were.
Discovering craft beer.
Shortly after you started to spend enough time in bars legally, you started to appreciate the glory of craft beer. Your goals shifted from trying to consume as much beer as humanly possible to trying to consume as much GOOD beer as humanly possible.
Going through an IPA phase.
If you've been drinking craft beer within the last 20 years, you've likely at least flirted with India pale ales, that hoppy style of beer that some people love and others hate. You might have even thrown yourself full on into the IPA trend, defending it to any skeptic and drinking only IPAs and nothing but. Eventually, however, you needed to become an aficionado of something else.
Drinking seriously sour beers and telling everyone about it.
joshuaraineyphotography via Getty Images
By now a self-proclaimed beer geek, you started getting really into inaccessible sour beers. They're funky and they made you feel cool, even if you didn't like them that much.
And then you remembered the old days.
BackyardProduction via Getty Images
You came full circle and remembered the cheap, uninteresting beers that started you on this journey to begin with. You denounced your fancy beer ways, David Chang-style, and returned to the cheap beers of your youth. Only now you don't have to drink them warm in a basement somewhere.