10 Ways To Celebrate National Book Lovers Day

We’ll take any excuse to celebrate our love of the written word, and this weekend’s National Book Lovers Day gives us a great one. Here are some of our favorite ways to get in the holiday spirit. Let us know in the comments below how you plan to celebrate this weekend!

1) Visit your local library

Have you forgotten the joys of crinkly plastic dust jackets and the comforting smell of old books? Dig out your library card and get reacquainted with some lovingly dog-eared, and best of all, free books!

2) Reread an old favorite

Haven’t been to Hogwarts in a while? Have you been absent from Middle-earth? Drop in on some old friends by rereading one of your favorite books.

3) Drop some literary references

Whether you’re speaking out loud or putting frindle to paper (see what I did there?), adopt the lingo of some of your favorite tomes, and see who else decides to join in!

4) Get a new bookshelf

Are all of your beloved reads tucked away in boxes and corners? Browse for a fancy new shelf to best showcase your favorite works.

5) Give the gift of reading

Whether you’re passing along a book to a close friend or volunteering to read to those in need, spend some time sharing your love of words with others.

6) Hit up a literary haunt

Did you know F. Scott Fitzgerald frequented Oak Bar in New York City's Plaza Hotel? Or that Emily Brontë found inspiration for Wuthering Heights in the Top Withens farm house? No matter where you are in the world, you can find a place to get closer to your favorite authors.

7) Host your own book club

Book clubs aren’t just about the wine and cheese (though we love those too), they’re about coming together and joining in stimulating conversation about your favorite reads. Call up some friends and have them over to discuss a mutual favorite.

8) Host a book lovers party!

Invite guests over to dress as their favorite literary characters or authors. Best costume gets a gift card to your local indie bookstore as a prize!

9) Contact your favorite living author

Most authors today are on Facebook, Twitter, or have a mailing address on their website. Take some time to let an author know about the kind of impact they’ve had on your life.

10) Donate

Parting is such sweet sorrow, but there’s no better feeling than passing on well-loved books to those who need them.

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