National Day Of Unplugging 2012: It's Time To Recharge Your Spirit

National Day Of Unplugging: It's Time To Recharge Your Spirit

As you're reading this article, you might also be Tweeting about your less-than-mediocre visit to the dentist and liking a photo of your friend on Facebook, all while cracking up over some quirky quotes you’ve been pinning. That’s a whole lot of on-screen activity!

Friday at sundown marks the third consecutive National Day of Unplugging. For an entire day you are invited (better yet -- challenged) to liberate yourself from the vices that keep you all too connected with the virtual world and less available in the real one.

The National Day Of Unplugging allows us to connect with one another in a different way -- off-screen: those who participate can feel part of a larger, connected sphere in knowing their peers are engaging themselves and their worlds in ways they often neglect.

Swearing off technology doesn’t mean you’ll be sitting in the dark all day. Instead, you may actually be able to reach parts of your mind and soul that have been dark for a bit too long. Unplugging extends further than the physical function of switching off a monitor or powering-down a phone. It is a greater act that reminds us to disconnect from distractors and reconnect with ourselves -- parts we often forget to tap into. Your unplugging will give you the time to recharge both your spirit and your soul.

This year, you can, somewhat ironically, pledge your commitment to the tech detox through the very mediums from which you will be abstaining (namely Facebook and Twitter).

Inspired? We reached out to our Twitter community (a little backward, we know, but, hey, it ain’t Friday night yet) to find out what sorts of things you do to unplug.

Check out their answers, then tell us: how do you take a break from technology? How do you recharge your soul? Tweet at us with #howiunplug, or let us know in the comments section below. You have until Friday at sundown … GO.

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