National Donate Your Hair Day Is First-Ever Nationwide Call For Charitable Haircuts

While getting your fresh, clean cut for spring, don't let your severed strands simply fall to the floor.

The first-ever National Donate Your Hair Day has been reserved in salons across the country on April 27 for people to give up their tresses for charity.

Those interested in giving up their locks for someone who has lost theirs to cancer treatment need to just snip off eight inches of their mane. The strands will then be sewn into wigs and sent over to the American Cancer Society to add to the 18,000 wigs it has doled out since 2006, according to MarketWatch.

Not feeling quite ready to snip your ponytail? Take a cue from cancer survivor Liz Hewitt.

After beating breast cancer, Hewitt challenged 34 students at the high school where she worked to join her in donating their hair to cancer patients.

"I would like the students to know how important it is to advocate for your health and I want them also to remember it," Hewitt told CBS. "So in all the crazy things they have going on in their teenage lives, I thought I better come up with something pretty good to help them remember it."

Seventeen Magazine has partnered with Pantene Beautiful Lengths -- an initiative that provides wigs for people battling cancer -- for the nationwide call for donations.

"Everybody loves their hair," Seventeen Editor-in-chief Ann Shoket said on the "Rachael Ray Show." "[Donating] really touches the lives of so many women, and the people who cut their hair and donate it feel so good about it."

Want to donate your locks for charity? Find more on donation guidelines here.