National Enquirer Enters The 2008 Presidential Race With Edwards Love-Child Story

The National Enquirer has gone political in their most recent issue, alleging that John Edwards has fathered a love-child with a filmmaker who once worked on a series of webisodes for his One America Committee. Rumors of the affair between Edwards and the filmmaker, a 43-year-old divorcee named Rielle Hunter, have been denied by both parties.

Now, as the Enquirer has published photos of a clearly pregnant Hunter, she has gone on the record confirming that she is pregnant but denying that Edwards is the father. She claims that the biological father is Edwards operative Andrew Young, a married man who confirms both his extramarital affair with Hunter and that the baby is his. Hunter, who lived in New York, has recently relocated to a gated community in North Carolina near Young and his family. But, the Enquirer claims that Hunter is privately telling friends that Edwards fathered the baby.