Even the Westboro Baptist Church Agrees National Gay Marriage Is Coming

I've been covering the fight for gay rights for years from the perspective of a straight ally, and my guests on the subject have run the gamut from experts in the field of gay adoption to the most virulent anti-gay bigots. Near the top of the list of the most notorious members of the latter group is the Westboro Baptist Church, known for their hateful "God Hates Fags" slogan. One of the most popular clips on the David Pakman Show involves both Westboro and the internet hacktivist group Anonymous. The interview in question, which as of the time of this writing has almost 4.5 million views, saw a member of Anonymous later revealed to be Jake Davies hacking the church's website during the course of our interview.

We haven't heard much from the church in recent years, but this week, Steve Drain -- one of the first church members not to be related to the Phelps family by blood -- admitted that national gay marriage is coming. In fact, he went further, retroactively arguing that the WBC has always felt that national gay marriage was inevitable, but that their role is to warn, not to prevent. Check out the interview with Steve Drain:

Drain may be quite right. Constitutional Law Professor at UCLA Adam Winkler, also a Huffington Post blogger, told me that he sees as the most likely outcome that the Supreme Court will issue a broad ruling in favor of same-sex marriage in June. Winkler spoke unequivocally, and makes his case. Take a look:

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