National Geographic's New Cover Will Make You See Weed In A Whole New Way


National Geographic's upcoming June cover features one word bold enough to grab just about anyone's attention: "WEED."

But it's not the typical, negative portrayal of the drug you might assume.

The cover story, written by Hampton Sides, dives into the emerging research on marijuana worldwide, and how the drug might actually fight and treat many advanced diseases.

The cover, as seen below in both print and digital, shows a marijuana plant stemming from the top border:

weed science cover

ipad weed cover

Of the many developing uses for the drug, the magazine explores a cannabis oil extract being used on children to treat serious health conditions like cancer and epilepsy. The in-depth look into the scientific and medical potential behind the leafy green plant, and the people who harvest it, will make readers view the drug like they never have before.

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