National Geographic Is Asking Its Readers To Capture Love In A Photograph

National Geographic Is Asking Its Readers To Capture Love In A Photo. Here Are Just A Few

Can you depict love in a single photograph?

National Geographic is giving members of its "Your Shot" community a chance to do just that. It's part of an ongoing effort in which the magazine selects a theme and asks readers to submit their photographs online. The current assignment is to take a "Love Snap" photo. Readers have until March 7 to send in a picture depicting their idea of love -- and the submissions so far are already tugging at our heartstrings.

"We challenge you to go beyond the saccharine-sweet clichés," National Geographic writes in the assignment's instructions, "and show us the intimate and personal aspects of your ideas on love."

You can view some of the incredible photographs below, and head to Your Shot to submit your own.

A group of children watch as a walrus performs and then waves to them.
Photograph and caption by Brenda Sutton, National Geographic Your Shot

A picture of my grandma and my young cousin.
Photograph and caption by Hadi Asgari, National Geographic Your Shot

What's more precious than capturing the love of mother and children in one shot? Priceless moment.
Photograph and caption by Drey M., National Geographic Your Shot

No caption.
Photograph by Raffaele Montepaone, National Geographic Your Shot

No caption.
Photograph by Bernard Jacques, National Geographic Your Shot

On the banks of the Ohio River, the Kentucky side, I watched as the shifting ice, momentarily formed a heart ringed in blue.
Photograph and caption by Danielle Mussman, National Geographic Your Shot

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