10 White Lies We All Tell, And Just In Time For National Honesty Day

Don't lie.

Sometimes you're running late and you don't want your friend to rethink hanging out, so you tell them you're much closer than you actually are. Then you get there and pretend to look a little exasperated. Maybe throw in a "Stupid trains are never on time" just for good measure. It's a tiny white lie, so what's the harm?

Well maybe on a normal day, but April 30 is National Honesty Day. And all lies in those 24 hours are considered EGREGIOUS in the eyes of the universe., an online crowdsourced rankings company, has amassed more than 27,000 votes from users to determine which lies people use the most often.

Check out the pics below for all the lies you KNOW you use and see what's No. 1.

10 White Lies That We ALL Tell

Before You Go

The Saddest Cover-Up

Obvious Lies

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