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National Ice Cream Day: How To Choose Healthier Ice Cream (VIDEO)

In case you missed it, yesterday, July 15, was National Ice Cream Day.

In 1984, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed July to be National Ice Cream Month, and singled out the third Sunday of the month as National Ice Cream Day.

Today, the average American eats about 23 pounds of ice cream every year, according to Cynthia Sass, R.D., in the video above.

And even though this year's National Ice Cream Day has come and gone, with the sky-high temps this summer so far, we're willing to bet there are trips to the local ice cream parlor in your near future.

Of course, your favorite flavor is never going to be as healthy as some of summer's best produce. But there are ways to make a decadent dessert at least slightly more healthy.

Sass offers some tips for picking out the best pint at the grocery store in the video above, including looking for a brand that double churns or slow churns their flavors, which cuts back on the amount of fat in a scoop. Speaking of scoops, make sure they are reasonably sized, she says. Buying individually-sized treats might help you eat less. If you follow those tips, she says, "you can have your ice cream and eat it, too!"

For more on making your favorite frozen treats a little bit better for you, check out the slideshow below:

Healthier Frozen Treats