F*ck-Ups From TV's Biggest Chefs In Honor Of Kitchen Klutzes Of America Day

It's National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day! See how Food TV stars are just like us.

June 13 is Kitchen Klutzes of America Day -- the time to recognize that everyone screws up in the kitchen now and again, and it can sometimes be hilarious. We all make mistakes, and professional chefs are no exception. Fortunately for home cooks and restaurant chefs alike, most cooking mishaps will go unseen, and hopefully even unnoticed, by the rest of us. What happens in the kitchen stays in the kitchen (at least we hope!), and either there is time to start over and try again, salvage what you can and recuperate from the screw-up, or at least apologize but leave the mess under wraps.

This is not the case for food TV stars filming live TV. What happens on screen stays on screen -- and in the memories of viewers -- FOREVER. When Giada sliced her finger on live TV during a Thanksgiving Day special last year, a lot of people saw, and there was no way to cover it up. Screw-ups like this might seem like shameful disasters for cooking stars, but they're oddly comforting for the rest of us. They humanize these media moguls, reminding us that everyone makes mistakes, even the big shots.

Kitchen Klutzes of America Day is the perfect time to remember that we're all only human, and that it's okay to mess up in the kitchen. Making a mistake in the kitchen is a great way to learn, and it may also lead to unexpected discoveries. There's no reason to cry over spilled milk, in other words. It's important to laugh at it, learn from it, and carry on.

In honor of his Kitchen Klutzes of America Day, here are eight hilarious videos of food TV stars screwing up big time.

Paula Deen likes to swear.
This blooper reel shows Deen swearing all over the place -- in the kitchen after she screws up (almost lighting herself on fire at one point), in response to some food she doesn't like, and just for the hell of it. Too bad those aren't the worst things she's ever said.
Gordon Ramsay cuts his finger on The Ellen Show.
In a demonstration in which Ramsay is explaining to Ellen how to avoid cutting yourself, the notoriously foul-mouthed chef cuts his own finger. He then says, "It's convenient that it's a red pepper so you won't see the blood." Right... how convenient and comforting!
Rachael Ray throws pepper over her shoulder for good luck.
YouTube/sudzy silva
You know, like you do. She also has trouble with her cuisinart later on in the episode. Somebody get Rachael a sammie!
On Chopped Tournament of the Stars, B-list celebrities screw up left and right.
YouTube/Food Network
There are fires all over the place, contestants getting lost and blender explosions. At least everyone seems to have a sense of humor about it.
Giada slices her finger on live TV during a Thanksgiving Day special.
Giada sliced her finger, and the world stands still on November 23, 2013. Giada then proceeds to share photos of her wound on social media. We didn't need to see that! See here for the live video.
Julia Child tries to flip a pancake, and fails gracefully.
YouTube/DeRevolutionibus's channel
Julia Child is eternally endearing, especially in this video where she attempts to flip a pancake and looses some of it. This particular clip splices in footage from the film "Julia & Julia," demonstrating both Meryl Streep's uncanny talent and Child's enduring charm.
Paula again, this time F-ing up a pound cake with Oprah.
Guess who's back, y'all? Paula Deen. This time she mistakenly drops a serving bowl into a mixer when making a pound cake on stage with Oprah.
Sandra Lee doesn't even know she's screwing up.
This isn't intentional, but let's be real here: does that meatloaf look like it's supposed to look? And does it have any business being on TV? We call that a fail.

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