Man's 'Christmas Vacation' Homage Has Neighbors Calling 911

“My dad was a big practical joker, so I grew up with that whole kind of sense of humor,” is how Chris Olson explained the dummy.

A Colorado man’s homage to his favorite Christmas movie gave him the gift of laughter this year.

Chris Olson of Boulder is such a big fan of “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” that he thought it would be funny to make a dummy and hang it from his gutter so his wife would think he was falling off the roof a la Chevy Chase in the 1989 holiday classic.

My dad was a big practical joker,” Olson told Denver station KUSA TV. “So I grew up with that whole kind of sense of humor.”

Olson’s wife figured out his joke way in advance, but he still got the last laugh.

It seems his neighbors thought the dummy was actually Olson clinging to the gutter two stories in the air, according to KTRK TV. And they called for help.

First responders quickly arrived to rescue the “man” hanging from the roof.

“I go, ‘Honey, the fire truck’s here! The fire department!’” Olson told KUSA TV. “I go, ‘Oh, and there’s a police officer and paramedics and everything!’ They all arrived. Boulder’s finest were here.”

At first, Olson feared he might be ticketed or ― worse ― told to take down the dummy. 

Luckily, the cops shared his sense of humor and nothing happened to him or his display.

Now Olson is so happy with the effect that he’s thinking of keeping the dummy up until Halloween, according to KTRK.



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