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National Martini Day: Vintage Martini Glasses, Shakers & Accessories Fit For Celebrating (PHOTOS)

What, we shouldn't be celebrating every day?

Newsflash: National Martini Day is not every day. (The Tipsy Hostess would disagree.)

Whether you like yours with gin or (shudder) vodka, chances are good that you were first drawn to the drink because of its sleek glass. Or, perhaps you read too many John Cheever stories. Or, you went on a "Mad Men" binge. Or, horror of horrors, the "Sex And The City"-approved cosmopolitan -- which will forever be shorthand for "late 90's/early 00's" -- was your gateway drink.

Regardless, this cocktail wouldn't have the cache it has now if it was served in an unattractive glass. We're giving a salute to our favorite drink with a round-up of fabulous vintage glasses, shakers and the odd accessory or two.

If you're celebrating today, we suggest treating yourself to a nice dry martini on your way home. Or, when you get home. Or both. It's a holiday, after all. Just enjoy safely and responsibly -- anything else would be undignified.

Vintage Martini Glasses & Accessories

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