National Mustard Day! (My Top 5 Uses for Mustard)

National Mustard Day! (My Top 5 Uses for Mustard)
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Tomorrow, August 7, is National Mustard Day. Now, that's something to celebrate in these hot days of summer. I like mustard. I especially like yellow mustard, but the stone-ground kind has its uses, too. I am thrilled that I can finally get all my favorite mustards in organic versions that taste just as good, if not better, than the chemical versions.

Here are my top five uses for mustard. Yell me what yours are (see below)!

# 1: Yellow mustard on an organic all-beef Applegate Farms hotdog cooked on the grill and stuffed in a squishy white Martin's Potato Roll bun.

# 2: Yellow mustard on a fresh, hot pretzel, like the kind you can get at Annie's Pretzels--preferably whole wheat. You can also get them organic at the Trexlertown, PA Velodrome!

# 3: Stone-ground mustard in my yummy ham glaze that everyone raves about. A blog reader recently send me my mother's ham glaze recipe, which I always remembered from my childhood but had never been able to get from my mother! (She stopped cooking after my father died, so a lot of recipes got lost). That has mustard in it too. But before I share it with you all, I want to try it first.

# 4: Yellow mustard in egg salad, which makes it taste like deviled eggs. Yum! And it's quick and easy to make.

# 5: Yellow mustard in my double-baked bean recipe. Years ago I published the recipe in Organic Style magazine. When I went to visit Dr. Andrew Weil, he said he makes it all the time! It's always a huge hit at family picnics. I'll share the recipe with you in an upcoming blog post.

In the meantime, vote for your preference (as you can tell from my list, I prefer the yellow stuff!).

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