National Organization For Marriage NOM Uses Photoshop To Create Doctored Photos Showing Support For Repealing New Hampshire Gay Marriage

The National Organization For Marriage (NOM) is an anti-gay group that has gone to great lengths in hopes of ensuring that marriage remains between one man and one woman.

Lately its members have turned their attention to New Hampshire, where Republican lawmakers are working to repeal the 15-month old gay marriage law passed by the state's Legislature.

Though polls show that the citizens of New Hampshire are against the repeal by a 2-1 margin and Governor John Lynch says he'll veto the bill if it comes to his desk, NOM is toiling away trying to make people believe that the majority of the people in the state support the repeal.

How are they doing this? With the magic of Photoshop.

As the blog Good As You and Rachel Maddow pointed out yesterday, NOM has taken (at least) two photos of rallies held for now-President Obama and repurposed them to make it look like thousands of people are attending their anti-marriage events.

The first photo, featured on the NOM website, was taken from an Obama rally held in St. Louis in 2008. The second photo, Good As You notes, was used to make NOM President Brian Brown's speech look well attended but is actually from a rally where 60,000 people came out to see Obama in Columbus, Ohio, in 2008.

As Rachel Maddow said in the clip above, "Caught you!"