National Organization for Marriage Donor Names Kept Secret

In possibly the most blatant disregard of a state election law since records have been kept, the Washington, DC-based National Organization for Marriage (NOM) filed its final campaign report this week on Question 1 in Maine, and again refused to provide any of its donor's names. This is in spite of an order to do by a Federal Judge and Maine's Attorney General.

Maine election law requires that all organizations raising $5000 and over, file as a PAC and report all contributor's names who gave $100 and above. This longstanding state election law was put into place so that Maine voters know who is contributing to their elections before they vote. No one knows where $2 million of the $3 million spent to pass Question 1 came from.

NOM continues to march all over the country breaking law after law.

I have never seen arrogance that even comes close to theirs. NOM is currently under investigation in two states, California (Case #08/735) and Maine. They do not adhere to state election laws, and when they get caught, they sue the state saying that truth and transparency are apparently unconstitutional.
NOM files its federally required IRS tax returns months or even years late or never at all. They are making a mockery of our election laws, and are able to bully legislators, election officials, Governors and the voters. They think that they can threaten and bully everyone just because they have millions and millions of dollars.

That is why we need a Congressional Investigation of the National Organization for Marriage immediately. Where do they get all their money from, and why is there no accountability? Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown, who run the organization, need to tell the truth. Whom are they trying to protect?

Mormon Church Created NOM

We have posted the findings of our investigation on our web site. We detail exactly how the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church) set up NOM in 2007 to qualify California's Prop 8 for the ballot and to get it passed.

Mormon families gave nearly $30 million or roughly 75% of the $40 million raised to pass Prop 8. The Mormon Church ran every aspect of that successful campaign, and were heavily involved in Maine's successful Question 1 campaign last month as well.

It was a carbon copy of what they did in California, right down to having Robin and Joseph 'Robb' Wirthlin do the same commercial they did for the California election." Robb Wirthlin is the grandson of the late Mormon Apostle Joesph Wirthlin, who died two years ago.

Also, heavily involved in the Maine election was California pollster Gary Lawrence, who filled the same roll in the California election and was paid at least $24,000 by the Yes on 1 campaign. Lawrence is a Bishop in the Mormon Church and his ex partner, Richard Wirthlin, is the Mormon's top political strategist behind the Church's 14 year campaign to ban same-sex marriage in 31 states. Richard Wirthlin, Joseph Senior's younger brother, is a member of the Quorum of the 70, just below the 12 Apostles in Church leadership.