National Organization For Women Targets Limbaugh With 'Enough Rush' Campaign

Limbaugh Battles New Campaign To Get Him Off Airwaves

Rush Limbaugh has a new headache on his hands: the National Organization for Women is launching another campaign to get him off the air.

The advocacy group announced its renewed efforts in an initiative called "Enough Rush" on Thursday. It is planning a protest on May 18, in addition to targeting local advertisers and radio stations.

NOW president Terry O'Neill told the Daily Caller that she expects Limbaugh to react fiercely. "He is going to be whining and calling us out about his First Amendment rights," she predicted.

NOW has been a long-time adversary of Limbaugh, who often refers to it as the NAGs (National Association of Gals). It is making the new push in the wake of the firestorm surrounding Rush Limbaugh's incendiary comments about Sandra Fluke. Limbaugh had called Fluke, a Georgetown law student, a "prostitute" and a "slut" after she testified on the need for birth control. More than one hundred advertisers and radio affiliates dropped his show as a result of his remarks.

However, Limbaugh claimed victory and scoffed at his critics when he was still on-air weeks later. O'Neill's message to him is not so fast.

She believes that the controversy will lend its campaign traction that it did not have before. She said that his attack was "very different" because it was "actually threatening" to Fluke.

“When he demanded to see video tape of her having sex, that crosses the line into fantasizing about pornography and violence," O'Neill said.

Meanwhile, Limbaugh spokesperson Brian Glicklich spoke out against the efforts. "Every organization that has tried to censor Rush Limbaugh has failed because his audience won’t stand for being told by agenda-driven activists what speech is acceptable," he told the Daily Caller. "NOW has been attempting to silence ideas they dislike for a long time; this is nothing new, and has no more integrity or honesty today than ever."

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