National Picnic Day In Chicago: 13 City Spots To Bring Your Basket, Blanket (PHOTOS)

Monday reportedly marks National Picnic Day and Chicago certainly is not short on great places to mark the day.

According to, the origin of the very idea of a picnic -- the wonderful warm-weather tradition of gathering with a pal or two or 10 to snack and drink while kicking back on a blanket -- traces its origin back to the outdoor feasts enjoyed by wealthy folk in the medieval days. Picnics as typically practiced today, meanwhile, date back to the mid-19th century.

With summer not too far away, we thought the holiday marked the perfect occasion to reach out to our readers and followers, via Facebook and Twitter, for tips on some of the city's best spots to plop down with a blanket, basket and beverage.

Be sure to let us know if we overlooked your local picnic pick in the comments.

National Picnic Day In Chicago