The National Poetry Day Hashtag Is Getting A Little Off-Topic

If you hate Hillary Clinton, and love poems that start with "Roses are red," this hashtag is the place for you.

Happy National Poetry Day! Maybe you’re celebrating by curling up with a steaming latte and a volume of Rainer Maria Rilke, or by wandering over to your local indie bookshop to add Terrance Hayes and Claudia Rankine to your to-read pile.

Or maybe you simply tapped over to the #NationalPoetryDay hashtag on Twitter during a free moment to take a breather from the endless presidential campaign coverage, the drudgery of work, and daily life. On this hashtag, you can enjoy a celebration of the underappreciated literary art form.

Well, about that. 

Yep, things got aggressively political, very fast in the #NationalPoetryDay hashtag. Plus, we definitely noticed a trend in how opinionated poets like to express themselves: “Roses are red, violets are blue.”

We gathered tweets from today’s hashtag that imitated the same poem, familiar to any American preschooler, while turning an appreciation of poetry into yet another opportunity to vent partisan vitriol.

Hey, it wasn’t just Clinton opponents: 

If you were hoping for an artistically focused hashtag about the craft of poetry, too bad; #NationalPoetryDay is mostly a sea of political doggerel (intentionally bad or otherwise) at this point. Here’s a selection:


Need a palate cleanser? Here’s something completely different ― well, not completely different:

Seriously, guys, by next National Poetry Day, let’s think of some new ways to write a poem. This guy isn’t even trying:



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