National Relaxation Day: How Do YOU Unplug & Recharge?

National Relaxation Day: How Do YOU Unwind?

Turn off your Blackberry? Sign off of Facebook? Don't answer your cell? There are so many ways to relax, but so little time to do so. With August 15th marking National Relaxation Day, we want to know how YOU unplug and recharge. Participate below!

What is National Relaxation Day? The Examiner offers one explanation.

National Relaxation Day was first celebrated as National Slacker Day in Britain in 2001 and has caught on in the United States over the past several years to promote leisure and wellness activities.

Even if you know you should take some time to RELAX, many of us don't know how. If I am talking to you, check out's list of 7 ways to celebrate National Relaxation Day.

But we want to hear from YOU! What are your favorite ways to relax? What will you do in honor of National Relaxation Day?