National Reptile Association Advocates for Snakes in Schools

Despite the number of mass shootings dominating headlines on a near-weekly basis, the debate over just what to do about it has gone seemingly nowhere. Instead we've been subject to the same finger-pointing, the same excuse making and the same well-worn talking points.

Specifically, we've been subject to the same kind of mind-boggling rhetoric that suggests the smartest solution to our country's rampant gun violence is....well, having more guns.

Now haven't you always wished there was a video that replaced gun attacks with snake attacks while applying the same rhetoric from the gun debate to illustrate the absurdity of this argument?

No? Okay... but aren't you excited about the idea of such a video? Well, I hope so.

SNAKES: A NATIONAL CONVERSATION takes aim at this utterly absurd slice of anti-gun control logic by applying it to a somewhat (but not all that) different context: snakes.

What happens when we follow this insane line of reasoning to its logical conclusion: when we have snakes in schools, snakes in malls and movie theaters, snakes purchasable at snake shows via snake-law loopholes?

Our investigative reporter takes us deep inside an America in which political discourse isn't the only venomous thing to watch out for.

Check out the video below produced by myself, Nicholas Adams, and Mike Salomon.