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National Review Writer Says The New Republic's Trump Critique Is 'A Load Of Garbage'

Reporter David French said National Review "is the last publication to foster white identity politics."

National Review's David French on Friday defended his magazine against criticism that it had indulged Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump's white identity politics. 

“I think that is a load of garbage,” French, a National Review reporter, said on HuffPost Live.

French told HuffPost Live’s Alyona Minkovski that National Review is frequently trolled online by the ultra-right. “National Review is the last publication to foster white identity politics,” he said.

French was responding to commentary by Jeet Heer, senior editor for The New Republic. Heer criticized the relationship between Trump and the National Review after the Review's publication of essays this week by prominent conservatives against Trump.

In truth, the relationship between National Review and Donald Trump is like that of Victor Frankenstein and his monster. Horror-stricken by what the monster is doing, Frankenstein might deny his own creation and say that it has a will of its own. But without Frankenstein, there is no monster. And without a conservative movement that fostered and indulged white identity politics, there is no Donald Trump.  

-Jeet Heer, National Review Fails to Kill Its Monster

The New Republic's takedown of National Review comes days after TNR owner Chris Hughes put the magazine up for sale after purchasing it in 2012.

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