National Review Drops Contributor Robert Weissberg Over Racism

National Review Drops Another Racist Contributor

National Review announced that it cut ties with another contributor over racism on Tuesday.

The conservative journal let go of University of Illinois professor Robert Weissberg after discovering that he spoke at a conference for American Renaissance magazine in March. Weissberg had talked about ways of "maintaining whiteness" in "Whitopias."

National Review's announcement comes just days after John Derbyshire was fired for his virulently racist column that warned white people to avoid "large concentrations of blacks." Weissberg was a regular contributor for the journal's blog on education.

Editor Rich Lowry explained the decision in a post on Tuesday: "Unbeknowst to us, occasional Phi Beta Cons contributor Robert Weissberg (whose book was published a few years ago by Transaction) participated in an American Renaissance conference where he delivered a noxious talk about the future of white nationalism. He will no longer be posting here. Thanks to those who brought it to our attention."

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