National Sex Survey Of Older Daters Show Which Region Is The Sexiest

The sex lives of older daters across America has been revealed, and it seems like older women are on top in more ways than one.

According to a national sex survey conducted by, an online dating site for "mature singles," almost 60 percent of women rated themselves "very highly" in the bedroom, compared to 47 percent of men. Women also felt more satisfied with their sex lives than men did (48.5 percent versus 36.1 percent).

The survey of 18,000 people looked at regional differences on a variety of questions, from how high is your sex drive (very high in the Midwest) to how happy men are with their -- ahem -- "size" (no surprise here: the Southwest ranked the most confident with 67 percent... "Everything's bigger in Texas," indeed!). Both men and women in the Southeast think they're better lovers than their partners, but no matter their sexual confidence, a majority of those surveyed are getting it on on Saturdays (with Tuesday being the least popular day for having sex).

For a drill down of what the survey revealed about Americans' sex drives, take a look at the graphic below, provided by




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