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National Underwear Day: A Look At Stars' Odes To Their Undergarments (PHOTOS)

Happy National Underwear Day, ya'll!

After all of the wardrobe malfunctions that we bring you, we thought it was high time that we show some respect for our undergarments. Whether it's Kim Kardashian flashing her bra or Jessica Chastain's dress flying up to reveal her panties, proper underwear seems to be the great savior of potentially-disastrous clothing fails.

In fact, many ladies throughout history have willingly showed off what's usually hidden by clothes. Madonna's iconic bras and newfound love of bodysuits as well as Lady Gaga's equally as iconic bra and bodysuit moments spring to mind. But sometimes more subtle underwear flashes, like Carrie Bradshaw's many bra peek-a-boos, can be just as influential.

In honor of National Underwear Day, we decided to take a look back at some of our favorite moments of celebrities wearing underwear as outerwear. Throw on your favorite undies, take a look at our picks and tell us your favorites.

Celebrities Wearing Underwear As Outerwear

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