National Waffle Day: Every Movie Reference To The Breakfast Treat, Ever (VIDEO)

Happy National Waffle Day!

Even though every day is really waffle day in our hearts, August 24 is officially National Waffle Day. Each year, we struggle with how to celebrate this day. We've talked Waffle House. We've talked waffle recipes. We've even talked about non-waffle-y things you can make in a waffle iron. This National Waffle Day, we decided to do something extra-special: a cinematic tribute.

Our amazing video editors set out to find every single reference to a waffle in an American movie ever. Whether it's totally comprehensive or not, we are completely blown away by a) their diligence, b) their commitment to National Waffle Day and c) the sheer number of times we've talked about waffles in movies. Never change waffles, we'll keep putting you in the pictures.

Video produced by Oliver Noble and Ben Craw.

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