#HerOwnBoss: National Women's Business Council Celebrates Entrepreneur Success Stories

The beginning of March heralds the start of Women's History Month celebrations and the National Women's Business Council (NWBC) -- the advisory panel to the U.S. president and Congress on economic issues important to women business owners -- is kicking off the month with a storytelling campaign chronicling the inspirational narratives of women entrepreneurs who candidly offer their advice and share the golden nuggets of insight they have garnered on their journeys to success.

The new initiative, #HerOwnBoss Campaign, is a compelling series of mini interviews featuring some of NWBC's most innovative and successful members. Profiling women leaders and entrepreneurs from diverse industries, the series shines a spotlight on the importance of role modeling and mentorship in women owned business success.

Presidentially appointed NWBC Chair, Carla Harris, a longtime advocate for women in business, weighed in on this issue,

"Women are the fastest growing segment of business owners, yet we still lack the platform to truly share stories of both the growing pains and successes in starting a business. In our experience, sharing lessons learned and best practices is both empowering and educational for aspiring entrepreneurs. Women shouldn't feel like they have to reinvent the wheel. We now have so many success stories to share, so we're getting them out there."

As NWBC is the government's only independent voice for women entrepreneurs, Executive Director, Amanda Brown notes:

"We convene women entrepreneurs regularly, and the recurring theme is a need for more stories of women in business. #HerOwnBoss is a great opportunity to shine light on the amazing women entrepreneurs that have overcome their fears, to provide a platform for them to share their lessons learned, and to showcase how women can help other women in their entrepreneurial pursuits. We believe this role modeling will inspire more women to launch their own ventures."

Slated to be an ongoing campaign, readers can view the first entries and make recommendations for women business owners they know and admire for the Council to profile in the future, on the NWBC Tumblr page (via the menu icon at top left hand corner) or by email to info@nwbc.gov.

NWBC is a nonpartisan federal advisory council created to serve as an independent source of advice and counsel to the President, Congress, and the U.S. Small Business Administration. Members are prominent women business owners and leaders of women's business organizations. For more information please visit, http://nwbc.gov.