Extremely Optimistic Guy Gets 'Washington Nationals World Series Champs 2015' Tattoo

Entering a tattoo parlor after a friend says, "Why don't we do something dumb?" sounds like a bad idea -- but we'll have to reserve judgment in this case until baseball season is over.

Pete Johnson, a 29-year-old attorney, received that exact invitation to foolery on Sunday, the Washington Post reports. So he got a permanent tattoo in his own handwriting that reads "Washington Nationals World Series Champs 2015" on his foot.

"Even if they don’t win it this year, I think every time I look down at it I’m going to smile, just thinking about the experience," Johnson told the Post. He added that he can always turn "2015" into "2016" just in case.

Johnson, who got his ink done Sunday at Ambrotos Tattoo in Silver Spring, Maryland, took a ribbing on Twitter for both his penmanship and clairvoyance skills. One user call him "both a hero and an idiot."

According to Vegas Insider on Tuesday, the Nationals are an MLB-leading 5-1 shot to win it all. Still, not exactly a sure thing.



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