Nationwide Protests Against AIG, Citi, BofA: Send In Your Reports

Outrage at Wall Street is reaching a fevered pitch. Watching AIG executives receive million dollar bonuses as millions of Americans face unemployment and foreclosure has inspired unions like the Service Employees International Union and political advocacy groups like MoveOn.org to call for a day of nationwide protests.

On March 19th, thousands of Americans are expected to answer the call and hold demonstrations in front of major banks whose behavior, according to the event organizers, epitomizes an era of CEO and corporate excess at the expense of broader prosperity.

We want your help to report on the protests that will be held this Thursday in over 100 locations across the country (protest locations listed at www.TakeBackTheEconomy.org).

First and foremost, if you're planning to attend a demonstration, please take photos of the day's events and email them to submissions+protest@huffingtonpost.com with "photos" in the subject line. Make sure to include your full name (so we can credit your work), location, and a caption describing the context of your photographs.

We are also looking for on-the-ground reports from as many of the demonstration sites as possible. Specifically, we want you to ask participants what they hope the protests will achieve and what they think needs to change. Send your report of 500 words or less to submissions+protest@huffingtonpost.com.

You can send in photos, written reports, or both. We will publish your protest coverage as quickly as possible.