Natural and artificial light counteract, harmonize, and balance

Natural and artificial light counteract, harmonize, and balance
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No. 8 Jérôme Treize

"Natural and artificial light counteract, harmonize, and balance"

Walk and wander. Hope and doubt. For a while. And again. I search for the unexpected connection between the environment man has built, and that which exists despite his presence.

Approaching each space, where the nature and the urban mix, is a strong physical experience. My mind focuses. My eyes catalogue the scene in front of me, while the buzz of the city fades.
The chance or luck which has led me to the image, now gives way to a methodic process. The scene dictates my vocabulary.

Natural and artificial light counteract, harmonize, balance and produce the desired atmosphere. I can't create an image. I only recognize it. It's there in front of me. It is given or not.

© Jérôme Treize

© Jérôme Treize

Jerome is a French photographer based between Paris and Sydney. He is a fairly quiet person by nature, and he has found that his camera is the best way to tell a story or create a memory. He studied Professional Photography at the Speos Paris Photographic Institute. He shoots both digital and film. Represented by Helmutmgmt Agency Paris.
You can see more of his work at and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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