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Natural, Aluminum-Free Deodorants Get Tested By 5 Discerning Editors


The thinking that ingredients in deodorant (namely aluminum) can cause breast cancer has been debated for a while. Applying something so chemical-heavy near that part of our body certainly does give us pause. Still, amid all the controversy, there has yet to be definitive research that concludes that antiperspirant or deodorant can cause cancer.

While we all rely on our respective trusty brands on a daily basis (ahem, Old Spice), we decided to explore the world (and potential pitfalls) of natural deodorant (meaning they don't include aluminum or parabens). And as we found out this week, when a few staffers at the Stylelist office decided to give some "healthier" options a spin, deodorant (and what we expect from it) is a deeply personal thing. From sprays to gels to powdery balms, here's what went down when we wore natural deodorant for a week.

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