17 Things Only Girls With Natural Hair Will Understand

Many African-American women with natural hair view their locks as both a blessing and a curse. But ever since I stopped chemically straightening my hair 12 years ago, I have grown to love my curls just as they are.

Of course, there have been plenty of days where I've broken combs while detangling hair knots or grown frustrated with the results of a twist-out that took all day to style. However, I wouldn't trade my natural hair journey for anything.

Whether or not you proudly proclaim to be a member of #TeamNatural, there is a bond shared among women with kinky, curly or coily hair. Below is a list of 17 things only girls with natural hair will understand.

Feeling like a human petting zoo whenever someone dares to touch your hair.

Or staring down the person who asks, "Your hair is HOW long when it's straight?"

Doing car stunts just to get to Target before all the other natural hair girls buy up every SheaMoisture, Miss Jessie's or Cantu Shea Butter hair product on sale.

When you get an email that the latest Curlbox has sold out.

Going days (and even weeks) without washing your hair… and still looking fly.

Smiling from ear to ear when you meet a guy who gets it.

Staying up late watching Taren916, Chescaleigh or MsVaughn's hair YouTube tutorials…

natural hair youtbe

... and getting super jealous of Taren916's massive 'Fro, Chescaleigh's topknot or MsVaugh's curl definition.

natural hair youtube

Waiting for your two-strand twists to dry overnight.

Not going to bed before covering your hair with a satin scarf or bonnet.

satin bonnet

Feeling like you've earned a Ph.D. in Natural Haircare because you can explain the difference between a pre-poo and co-wash without even blinking.

Doing the "Beyonce" when your Denman brush just glides through your curls after a deep conditioning treatment.

That moment when you can finally pull your TWA (aka teeny weeny Afro) into a puff hairstyle.

Standing outside in the rain or humidity and dreading the shrinkage that's about to happen.

Not having to give up swimming or working out because you're afraid that your hair will get messed up.

Being uninterested in length checks. As long as your hair is healthy, that's all that really matters, right?

Loving the versatility and freedom of wearing your natural hair however you choose and not having to explain it at all.

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