Natural Hair Versus Relaxed Hair Debate Discussed On The Dr. Drew Life Changers Show (VIDEO)

The "good hair" debate has reached a new level--national television. It's one thing to hear the issue discussed on BET (or even from the Old Spice guy) and quite another when Dr. Drew decides to take it on.

Drew, best known for helping celebrities with drug addictions and counseling teen moms, dedicated an entire episode of his hit show "Dr. Drew Life Changers" to the debate on natural versus relaxed or weave hair.

Actress Kim Coles, a natural hair advocate, was amongst the panel of black women gathered to discuss the hairy topic.

We conducted a similar roundtable discussion here at HuffPost BlackVoices that proved to be just as contentious. What is about our hair that creates such a divide?

Coles has been chronicling her natural hair journey on YouTube, which has inspired many black women to abandon weaves and relaxers and embrace their natural hair textures. In contrast, there are still plenty of women that enjoy the look and ease of wearing their relaxed hair or with a weave.

However, aesthetics and levels of maintenance are subjective and can support either side of the debate. So why are we so determined to make this hair issue a right or wrong, good or bad issue?

Check out this slideshow with three clips from the explosive episode. There are definitely some hair-raising comments!