13 Natural Hangover Cures: Quick Remedies Or False Hope? (PHOTOS) (POLL)

Hangovers happen to the very best of us. We all know the familiar story: the evening starts off innocently enough--you go to a party to unwind after a long day and knock back a few cocktails to relax the nerves. The next thing you know you're drunk-texting your ex while dancing on top of your friend's coffee table to music you would never listen to sober--well maybe that's going a bit far. The next morning you wake up feeling like a miniature bomb went off inside your skull. Welcome to hangover-ville. Don't feel too down--HuffPost Living is here to help you out by recommending a few all-natural remedies to rid you of the hangover blues. But we'll leave it to you to decide whether these remedies are the real deal or the new-age equivalent of Milli Vanilli.

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