Natural Hydrogen Water "Haru 2.0" Is Miraculous Water

Written by veteran flight attendant and writer Ji Byung-lim

"How blessed is the man whose strength is in You, In whose heart are the highways to Zion! Passing through the valley of Baca they make it a spring; The early rain also covers it with blessings." This is one of the Bible verse from Psalm 84. The "spring" from this verse refers to the Zamzam well, which is located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The origin of the Zamzam well is the following. A mother and her son were desperately seeking water in the middle of hot dry dessert. God listened to their crying and responded. Then suddenly, water sprang out with the sound "zamzam." The mother and son, who were saved from death, were Abraham's second wife Hagar and his son Ishmael. Zamzam is considered to be holy water that saves dying men from death. Millions of pilgrims visit Mecca every year to drink Zamzam, the spring water from God. Then they take the water with them to heal their family and friends who are sick and injured.

I've also tasted Zamzam water several times from passengers coming back from Mecca. Zamzam water is crystal clear and has a smooth taste. When you drink it, you feel so blessed as it is absorbed into your hand, feet, heart, and even brain. Once, there was a kindhearted passenger who handed me a whole bottle of Zamzam water for nothing. My fellow flight attendants, who recognized the healing water, looked at me with longing eyes for salvation. They looked confident that I would gladly share the water. Of course, I gladly responded to their eyes. We drank the water together and became one, transcending the bounds of race and nationality.

Nordenau water in Germany, Lourdes spring water in France, Tlacote water in Mexico, and Nadana water in India are the world's four miracle healing spring waters. These waters are called miracle waters as they are known to fight leukemia and atopic dermatitis in the long-term. All the world famous waters contain a large amount of Hydrogen. In particular, natural Hydrogen water in Germany was first discovered in a cave after presenting the wine stored in a closed cave to a Dutch visitor. The water became generally known after the Dutch suggested people to drink it for treatment purposes. Germany's Nordenau spring water is the first case of commercialization of natural Hydrogen water. A small bottle of 500ml costs a whopping 10,000 won. As a result, it's popular among rich people who dream of eternal youth. Nordenau water is also used in anti-aging, anti-wrinkle cosmetics, which are also quite expensive.

Natural Hydrogen water is also found in Korea. Last year, they found natural Hydrogen water in Taean, a famous clear zone for its mineral water. The water was discovered when a water examination took place in the region to develop hot springs. After a decade of water analysis and academic reports, the miracle water was extracted from natural bedrock water from the depth of 800 meters in Taean. And this water is now commercialized into "Haru 2.0", the only natural Hydrogen water in Korea. "Haru 2.0" has a smooth taste because of its fine particles. A Hydrogen water bath or wash up is an effective way to improve our skin. It tastes better when you use it for tea, soup or stew. Hydrogen contained in the water is rapidly absorbed into the body to remove toxic oxygen radicals and regain youth. The natural Hydrogen water in Taegan proved its efficacy on atopic dermatitis, and that it was chosen as "Korea's Good Water Beneficial for Atopic Dermatitis 2012." While commercialized natural Hydrogen waters in Europe are hard to become popular because of its high price, Korea's natural Hydrogen water is provided in a similar price to regular bottled water. Therefore, anyone can enjoy it and live a young and healthy life.

There are many types of drinks in the world, but you choose what to drink. There are many people who commit a crime after drinking alcohol, but no one commits a crime after drinking water. There are many people who die from cholera, and typhoid after drinking contaminated water, but no one gets sick after drinking fine water. Natural Hydrogen water is miracle water from God to thirsty mankind in the 21st century who are caught up in a whirling vortex of contaminated water and crying desperately.

*** Ji Byung-rim is a Qatar Airways cabin service director and the author of three books, including "How to Become a Crew of Arab Airline", "Thirty-year-old Crew', and "Charming Qatar."